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Safe Sport

Walden Cross Country Fitness Club is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all athletes, program participants, volunteers, officials, staff, and coaches.

Are you in crisis?

For all urgent situations requiring immediate intervention, contact:

Do you want to talk to someone about a situation?

Call Canadian Sport Helpline: 1-888-83SPORT (77678)

Call/email: XCSO: Katja Mathys (705) 774-0713 –

Call/email: XCSO: Stephanie Marler (807) 474-6126 –

Are you considering filing a complaint?

We have to be clear; complaints should not be received or managed by national sport organizations, including Nordiq Canada. To file a complaint, you are encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Helpline. Operators can help you determine the organization or individual designated to receive your complaint. You may also choose to contact Nordiq Canada’s Independent Third Party Laurie Ehrman at

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In 2023, Nordiq Canada released a pan-Canadian Safe Sport policy suite, supported by a Safe Sport Toolkit, which divisional provincial sport organizations and clubs are required to adopt. XCSO adopted the policy suite effective July 1/23.  Walden Cross Country adopted the policies effective November 1/23 and is committed to implementing Safe Sport in all of our activities. 

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