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After the recent announcement by the Government of Ontario regarding the enhanced COVID-19 restrictions, the following will apply. Outdoor gatherings are now limited to 5 people and you must comply with physical distancing and face covering requirements. No congregating in the stadium area or in front of the chalet. Please arrive, ski from your car and promptly depart. Face coverings are mandatory when dealing with staff members and in our chalet entrance. Please wear a face covering in the parking lot and trailhead when within 2 meters of others. Please respect all distancing guidelines while on our trails. Keep a distance of 2 meters between yourself and other guests. If you can touch a person with your ski pole, you are too close. Our chalet is closed to the public. A staff member will be in the office during regular chalet hours. Please call for service. 705-692-2321. The chalet’s outdoor washroom will still be accessible during office hours. We encourage anyone needing a ski, bike or snowshoe day or evening pass to purchase their passes online. Please purchase an individual pass for every person in your group, unless you are a family, in which case you may purchase a Family pass. “Curb side” rentals will be available. You MUST call the chalet to book a rental appointment, this includes seasonal rentals. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Please have your shoe size and height ready when booking. Your equipment will be ready for you outside when you arrive. Full details will be provided when booking. All programs are delayed until further notice. It is hoped that we can run a full program to start on Feb 13th. Further discussions will take place at that time if restrictions continue.

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