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Trails Update

Over the past two years, volunteers with Walden Cross Country have been actively improving the trail network with the goal of enabling early-season skiing on low snow conditions by recontouring, widening and improving drainage. This work also makes the trails easier to groom and helps to protect our grooming equipment by removing hazards that can damage the equipment.

In 2021 the 3K trail, Pond Run and Shell’s trails were re-contoured. The project was completed under budget, on schedule, and the trails were able to be skied after the first snowfall on November 26, 2021. This year our efforts were put into improving the 5K trail. This work is expected to get us skiing on the upper trails earlier in the season with significantly improved contouring, drainage, and increased width. Work started in late March and continued through the spring with the project finishing under budget and on schedule. Two excavators and tracked haulers were rented for a week and a half in May when a significant amount of contouring & drainage improvement work was completed.

Photos showing before and after conditions, current trail conditions, and equipment are provided to

give an idea of the extent of the improvements completed on the trails over the past two years. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked on the projects, particularly Brent Walker, who invested a significant amount of time. Thank you to Equipment North for donating some of the equipment used for the project.

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