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New! Emergency location information!

At 51 intersections on the ski and fat bike trails at Walden, we have a sign to help trail users get emergency response people to their locations. If there is a map on the side of the trail, there is an emergency location sign below it. Each sign has the Chalet phone number, which can be used in the winter, when Chalet Staff are working. At all other times, a call to 911 is required. Each sign lists the emergency location information: A Junction Number for ski trail intersections or a Map Letter for Snowshoe & Fat Bike intersections.The what3word address for the location. With this information, Chalet Staff can get help for the caller using the Ski Junction Number or Fat Bike Map Letter. Trail maps have been updated to show the intersection numbers. If a call is made to 911, the what3word address can lead emergency responders to the location.Emergency Services in the City of Greater Sudbury is set up to use the what3words address and dispatch emergency services to this location. The what3words address, how it works, how it is created and used is explained on the webpage How to use the what3words app.

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