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Youth Program Coordinator

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Job Location

On and Off Site Duties

Type of Job

Paid Honorarium, Part Time

Application Deadline

Deadline: December, 2022

Published Date

November 18, 2022

About the job

The successful candidate will be in charge of coordinating Walden Cross Country’s Bunnies, Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Lynx Programs. Responsibilities include but are not limited to;
- Attendance at all sessions to oversee the program execution and address any concerns.
- Facilitation of skier registration at the Annual Ski Swap & Open House held in November.
- Coordination of ski groups and coaches and planning of the eight week program including special events (eg; Year End BBQ).
- Ensuring the safety of all participants in the program.
- Consistent communication with coaches of each group, registrants, Walden’s Media Coordinator and the Program Coordinator.

  • Valid criminal record check within the past two years. If you do not currently have on ethe club will reimburse you.

  • Successful completion of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP - Intro to Community Coaching (ICC) and Community Coaching (CC) workshops. WCC hosts weekend workshops in December. Dates TBD.

  • Honorarium

  • NCCP Certification Course Fees

  • Trail Passes on the days you coach

  • Ski Rentals

  • Two private ski lessons ($70 value)

  • LU HK Intarnship Credit (if applicable)

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