The Club is  looking for volunteers to sit on a committee that could assist   the club in discussing and developing  policies, programs and general guidelines that would help lead the club through the upcoming season alongside an unpredictable pandemic. Please reply to if you are interested.





An opportunity to support the club will be added on to the membership form as a “Covid Expense Fee" . The Club anticipates increased costs in a number of areas; PPE, cleaning supplies , staffing, new outdoor seating areas and other unexpected costs. Although membership estimates for the season are favourable, lost revenue is likely in other areas like facility rentals, school groups, ski equipment rentals, etc . Hoping we can count on support from our membership in this request.





Discussions are currently underway regarding Walden's Youth Programming Options. Additions of new session times and days, additional coaching requirements are likely, but we plan for the program to go ahead in one form or another. Stay tuned.

Mary Waddell  (WCC President) is a member of Cross Country Ski Ontario's Return to Skill Development Programs Committee so Walden will have first hand knowledge of protocols that will be very useful when organizing and implementing our programs this upcoming season

*Please note that all programming will be following SDHU and Greater Sudbury directives*




This code of conduct outlines the procedures in place that will ensure a safe season for all patrons of Walden Cross Country and its facilities. All members must assume personal responsibility for their actions and abide by the requirements related to COVID-19.

  1. The conditions identified in this document are minimum requirements and everyone on Walden Cross Country (WCC) premises must act responsibly and in accordance with them. Due to the unique nature of this pandemic, all who attend the Club must recognize that collectively we are doing our best and cannot be held liable should anyone fall sick of COVID-19 or a related illness, after coming to the Club.

  2. Should a member observe that another person at WCC is not respecting these parameters, it is acceptable to politely and respectfully ask that person to conform to our requirements.

  3. These are not normal circumstances. All members are asked to be flexible and polite.

  4. As the situation evolves, we will issue and communicate revised versions which will explain how we will continue to work together as we enjoy more activities at the Club, within governmental restrictions.



  1. Everyone who comes to the Walden Trails must first read this document and be ready and equipped to fully abide by its provisions.

  2. Do not, under any circumstances, come to the facility if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are living with a person who has such symptoms. If you are under a mandated self-isolation period, you are required to complete it before coming to the facility. Please refer to the provincial self-assessment guide should you require guidance.

  3. If you are immunocompromised, have a chronic illness or any other high risk condition, you should consult your physician or Public Health Sudbury & Districts to help you decide if you should come to the facility.

  4. Walden Cross Country will provide hand sanitizing products. Members, however, may bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant products to wipe down any door handles or shared areas before and after they touch them. This includes the use of hand sanitizer and disinfectant products.

  5. Always maintain two metres between all individuals before, during and after activities.

  6. In the event members are unable to maintain two metres between individuals, all members will carry a mask or face covering and wear it over the nose and mouth. Face coverings must be worn indoors in all facilities.

  7. Walden Cross Country will post specific directives on the doors and notice boards, on the grounds, via e-mail, and on social media. Please look out for, read, and respect them.